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"I am an experienced pageant judge, ​former titleholder, pageant enthusiast, ​and professional interviewer..."

...who has walked victoriously in your same ​platform shoes.

As a Top Interview Award Winner, I understand ​what is needed to successfully deliver the ​perfect interview and leave the judges ​convinced that you deserve the crown!

Don't Risk The Crown

Because of Pre-interview Jitters

or Over-Confidence

Any serious pageant contender knows that ​high interview scores are a must in order to ​stand a winning chance. Competitions are ​won in the interview room. Do the math.

Ideally, everything has to be perfect to ​become a titleholder -- your walk, your ​wardrobe, your hair and your makeup.

For many, the interview phase of competition ​is a source of great anxiety. You may have ​done some prep work on your own -- ​formulating opinions about current headlines ​and fine-tuning your platform. You may have ​even reviewed questions to prepare, but you ​are still nervous.

For others, the interview phase of competition ​is your sweet spot, and you need ​opportunities to test yourself.

Whether you are a fearful candidate or one ​who is self-assured, how do you deliver the ​perfect responses to unexpected questions -- ​all while appearing calm, confident and ​prepared to wear the crown?

The answer is Practice, Practice, Practice! ​Practice makes you Prepared. Practice makes ​you Poised. Practice Makes Perfect.

I Help You Practice

Mock with Me helps smart, ambitious ​aspiring candidates achieve winning ​confidence through online mock interview ​practice sessions that are easy to schedule ​and easy on the wallet.

My mission is to provide candidates, pageant coaches, and local/state pageant directors with invaluable insider insight, heart-felt support, game-changing feedback and worthwhile interview practice opportunities to boost confidence and maximize your potential to win the crown.

Aspiring Queens who Mock ​with Me get the benefit of…

  1. Practice

Mastering any task takes repetition, and repetition must be done at the level you wish to perform. By receiving questions from a seasoned judge and licensed attorney, you are exposing yourself to the caliber of questioning you're likely to receive on competition day.

2. Expert Feedback

While practice is essential, improvement ​cannot come without feedback. You will ​receive an immediate assessment of your ​interview performance provided by someone ​who has judged at both the local and state ​level for twenty-five years.

Based on your individual needs, two options ​are available for purchase, depending on ​how much practice is desired to master your ​interview skills.



3. Interview Recordings to Measure Your Growth

There is no greater teacher than watching ​yourself perform, which is why every “Mock ​with Me” session includes a complimentary ​copy of your interview recordings plus a written action plan. These invaluable ​tools allow you to take note of your ​measurable improvements and track your ​progress. Clients are encouraged to share ​the recordings with their directors and/or ​prep teams.

4. A Boost of Confidence

When you've worked effectively and prepared ​as much as possible, confidence is the result.

Make Sure You are Ready. Then Stay Ready.

Mock with Me Sessions

Are For You If…

  • You are an aspiring queen who wants to ensure success by challenging yourself with a fresh interview experience provided by an experienced pageant judge.

  • You are a Pageant Director or Pageant Coach in need of a knowledgeable judge to join your mock interview panels.

  • You are a pageant candidate, pageant Mom/Dad or Pageant Coach who wants to gain the competitive edge that repeated practice promotes.

  • You are 100% focused on being the next Mrs., Miss, Teen or Princess Queen.

Mock with Me Sessions

Focus On Practice

I am a professional interviewer -- not an ​interview coach. However, my services ​provide invaluable opportunities for you to ​simulate what you'll experience in your ​competition interview room. And that is ​priceless.

Successful Titleholders

"Mweni truly impacted my

journey to Miss America."

Mweni was one of the judges the ​year I won Miss Indiana, and ​after winning we connected. She ​truly impacted my journey to ​Miss America.

She is beautifully versed when it ​pertains to pageantry, which ​enabled me to hit the Miss ​America stage with great ​confidence.

She is so caring, and her ​knowledge will take you to the ​next level.

Miss Indiana


Tiarra Taylor

"Mweni is the first person I call to help with interview prep."

When preparing for an ​upcoming competition, Mweni is ​the first person I call to help ​with interview prep.

She is not only willing to ​contribute her time and effort, ​but she does so in a graceful ​and helpful way.

She is always honest, and it's so ​nice to have someone who is ​willing to tell you their honest ​opinion and offer suggestions ​on how to improve and help you ​grow.

4th Runner-Up

to Miss Indiana ​2022

Emma Schneider

Miss Central ​Indiana 2022

She has thoughtful questions, intentional ​conversations, and is such a smart and kind person. ​She will be someone who you put on speed dial when ​it comes to helping you feel your best and prepared ​in the interview room.

Thank You, Mweni!!

"Doing mocks with Mweni really helped me prepare for

Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen."

Doing mocks with Mweni really ​helped me prepare for Miss Indiana’s ​Outstanding Teen.

Mweni was absolutely great and ​made me feel very comfortable while ​interviewing.

She gave great feedback that helped ​me improve my interview.

First Runner-Up to ​Miss Indiana's ​Outstanding Teen ​2022

Jordyn Leininger

Miss Central Indiana's ​Outstanding Teen ​2022

"As a former pageant coach and as a local ​director of Miss America competitions, I have ​personally had her judge for me and assist with ​preparing my titleholders. "

Pageantry Experts Agree

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mweni Ekpo ​for over 25 years.

When I first met her, she was a student at Indiana ​University Law School in Bloomington, Indiana.

She was competing for the title of Miss Delaware ​County/Miss Hoosier Heartland of which I was the ​executive director.

After first meeting her, I was not surprised when ​she won the title of Miss Delaware County.

Mweni was a dream to have as a titleholder. ​Instead of returning to Mississippi, after her ​Indiana University classes concluded that spring, ​she decided to stay in Indiana, so she lived with ​us, and other friends, while preparing. And ​prepare she did.

Mweni placed 4th runner up. I have always ​believed if Mweni had not have aged out that year ​she would have become Miss Indiana.

Debra Gossett

Executive Director

Miss Central Indiana ​Scholarship ​Competition, Inc.

Even though Mweni moved from Indiana, we have stayed friends, and I refer to her ​as a ‘bonus’ daughter.

Through the years, I have witnessed first-hand her dedication and work ethic while ​she prepares for any dream or goal she chooses to accomplish.

Her determination, attention to detail, and pursuit of excellence are what make ​her so outstanding.

As a former pageant coach and as a local director of Miss America competitions, I ​have personally had her judge for me and assist with preparing my titleholders.

The young ladies love her, her critiques and her attention to every detail. Her ​criticism comes from a kind and loving place, wanting each young lady to be their ​best authentic self.

Mweni has always believed in helping young women develop their talents and ​character. As a seasoned pageant judge, she understands all the aspects of the ​competition.

Consequently, as a consultant or coach she is a valuable resource for young ​women wanting to hone their interview skills.

It is with great pride that I can recommend Mweni Ekpo to assist persons of all ​ages, who are interested in improving their interpersonal or interview skills; as a ​pageant enthusiast or even seeking a job.

More About My Pageant Experience

Reared in Mississippi, I have been active in ​pageantry since the age of 17, when I earned the ​title of Hinds County Junior Miss and went on to ​place as 3rd Runner-Up out of 42 girls in the ​Mississippi Junior Miss Program.

I am a cum laude graduate of ​Tougaloo College, where I ​received a Bachelor of Arts degree ​in English and Music and ​participated in numerous ​activities, including student ​government and the College ​concert choir.

Later, I graduated from Indiana ​University School of Law-​Bloomington.

While in law school, I earned the title of Miss Delaware ​County and placed as 4th Runner-Up in the Miss ​Indiana Scholarship Program.

Over the last twenty-five years since then, I have gone on to judge Miss America local preliminary competitions in Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and my current home state of Texas. I am also an experienced judge at the state level.

Through my work in higher education, I've spent my career as a law school admissions dean and graduate programs recruitment manager, helping people reach their professional dreams.

In my spare time, I enjoy spreading joy to others as a Zumba Fitness and Silver Sneakers instructor.

Here' s How It Began...

When I competed in my first pageant during my senior year ​of high school, my mother was my main resource and ​advisor.

She dressed me in what she thought was best and provided ​feedback regarding my talent.

I don't recall doing any special preparation for the interview ​phase, but somehow I ended up winning the whole ​competition.

Soon after, we realized that there was so much to be gained ​by consulting with and receiving advice from knowledgeable ​experts.

Many years later, as a veteran judge, I would often provide ​mock interview assistance to my friends who were local ​pageant directors.

In this process, I recognized how valuable practice was to ​their candidates' growth and performance.

Noticing a lack of worthwhile interview PRACTICE ​opportunities available to candidates, I created Mock ​With Me to provide the critical experience and feedback ​needed for candidates to succeed at the highest level.

Le​t's mock,


More Pageantry Experts Agree

"Mweni brings her broad knowledge as a ​former contestant, a lawyer and educator ​to the panel."

I had the distinct honor of judging the 2019 ​Miss Indiana Pageant with Mweni Ekpo.

I've been judging state pageants since 1994 ​and can state with conviction that Mweni is ​one of the most dedicated judges I've met ​during that time.

She is a very serious judge who challenges ​the contestants with strong questions and ​follow-up questions.

Mweni brings her broad knowledge as a ​former contestant, a lawyer and educator to ​the panel.

I have since recommended Mweni for ​judging openings nationwide. She is in ​demand as a judge.

Nicolas Latham

Palms Springs, ​California

"Mweni is outstanding during the ​interview process in asking both initial ​and follow-up questions..."

... to gain insight into a ​contestant's knowledge ​and depth of topics.

Mweni works to make sure ​each contestant has the ​opportunity to express ​herself on a variety of ​topics.

She has the skill set to ​help contestants prepare ​for the interview portion ​of competition.

Walter Hill

Dothan, Alabama

“Mock with Me” Services

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*Your mock interview sessions include complimentary ​recordings of your interviews plus a written action plan.

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Cancellation Policy

If for some reason, your session is cancelled by Mweni Ekpo, you will have the option to either ​receive a full refund or re-schedule your session to a future date.

If you cancel your appointment or fail to attend, you will have the option to re-schedule for a ​future date; however, a refund will not be granted. All sales are final.

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I am dedicated to teaching you the art of ​poise and commanding attention the moment ​you step on the stage. Learn the secrets of ​pageant poise with precision and finesse. ​From the perfect posture to the subtle ​nuances of facial expressions, my sessions ​cover every aspect that contributes to an ​unforgetabble presence.